TOP BEST & TOP WORSE list of companies we dealt with BEST PRODUCTS, SERVICES, COMPANIES SCS Pactor modems best email at sea modems! Greatland Lasers Flares buller-proof be seen from far devoices IslandTimePC 12v computers/wifi best after-sales support & advice ONWA AIS transceiver inexpensive & reliable DAN diving/travel crew insurance Bugel anchors you won’t drag! Bamix food processors Amazon online ordering best customers support AquastrongLED best waterproof recessed LED WORST PRODUCTS, SERVICES, COMPANIES AMEX travel checks Ezipoz freight US to Malaysia eBay online ordering offering p[oor support to consumers all alkaline AA & AAA batteries that soon or later leak & ruin equipment! email us if interested by the exact reasons any company ended in this ‘best & worse’ hall of fame !