Sharing our Discoveries around the 7 Seas ... We hope to inform and inspire! TROPICAL SAILING LIFE voyaging since 1984 Since 1992, we travel on our own boat around the world! We continue to enjoy our voyage and gain more experience and knowledge every day! One of the great aspects of the voyage is the easy contact between people of all origins. Just saying “hi” to someone you never met before is not looked upon suspiciously like it is, alas too often the case in our ‘so-called civilized society’. Exchanging ideas and information with each other is so enriching for everyone! We are not born on this planet to live in seclusion  ... we should interact harmoniously with each other and all forms of life on the planet! The goal of this website is to share our voyage and what we’ve learned with you ... Modern technology may leave a lot to be desired as far as ‘real’ benefits to mankind’s happiness ... but worldwide communications via Internet can be a fantastic way to communicate between all of us (at least those who have access!). We sincerely hope you will find many things of interest on our humble website. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions, suggestions and more! Luc & Jackie