Why would you need a marine survey? Before buying a previously-owned dream boat: Evaluating any boat real condition can be quite complicated as one might not have the experience to know where to look ... a good surveyor knows what is really important and what is not ... he will be able to give you a good idea of how much work and money will be needed to put the boat in the condition you need to, according to your planned usage. Even if you know about boats, you might be too emotionally involved to have proper judgement! If required by your marine insurance: Best insurance contracts are the “agreed value” types of contracts. You hire a professional marine surveyor to do a complete report for you with value of vessel. You submit it to your insurer. If accepted, generally for 5-7 years, there will be no argument about depreciation in case of loss! Much better than paying annual premiums for a value that will never be paid entirely in case of loss! Why would you want to insure your boat? Some prefer to self-insure by being extra careful and are ready to loose the boat without undue financial stress if that happens. Some consider that even the most careful sailor might not always be lucky in a rogue storm or as an uninsured boat bash his vessel and rather pay a reasonable premium of less than 2% of the real value of his boat to protect himself from loss and also to give him extra peace of mind. Like with any insurance, it is not fun to pay the premium but it is so comforting to be paid in case of major claim! Liability insurance is also increasly mandatory in marinas and some countries visited! In need of a Yacht Marine Surveyor or Insurance Broker? Contact us for more tips & recommendations about insurance contracts types, professional surveyors we might know in your area and reputable marine insurers... YACHT MARINE SURVEYS