Our Life Since 1984, we have been exploring the world's tropical islands, above & below the surface ... sometimes earning, working for others ... sometimes spending, working for ourselves or others ... No debts, only Schipperkes kids & grand-kids ... enjoying as much freedom as possible and leaving as clean a wake as possible! Nothing in our earlier lives specially prepared us for this lifestyle ... other that love of scuba diving and discovering nature! Luc Callebaut left Brussels and a job as school teacher ... Jackie Lee left California and a job in forestry ...  Meeting & working together as Club Med GO’s in 84 in the Caribbean, we started a life of adventures on the 7 seas ever since!   From teaching scuba diving & underwater photography for Club Med in top destinations … managing all sports activities on cruise ships ... running a live-aboard dive boat as captains/managers ... guiding tourists around …  organising sailing rallies ...  reporting as travel writers and video producers … we've been around! Believing that Man never owns the Land but that instead Land owns the Men on it, we keep traveling free of any land ownership :) We enjoy discovering nature's beauty and people's cultures. We enjoy the independent style of living that cruising around brings (that's when we are not using bad language at equipment failures!) We like to meet local people and other travellers … and above all, to share information. Rarely did we regret to have made the first step to meet anyone ! Nice to still experience the pioneer spirit helping each other when we can! More empathy is needed on the planet! Where do you find the money to get a boat & travel? is a frequent question we are asked! First, we chose not to slave away until retirement age and a risk of poor health and uncertain retirement benefits ... we did not win the lottery or were born into money  BUT we got lucky to get a real education and as I keep telling young people we meet “ if you are hard working, honest and have more than half a brain, you will always find ways to offer your services to someone happy to pay you for it!” Taking challenging jobs gives us more and more skills and confidence, thus easier to find ways to earn decent money. Second, we try to spend our earned money wisely and live reasonably. And let’s not forget the joy from our Schipperkes crew that shared our sailing travels since 1992! Another question is “until when do you plan to keep sailing?” As long as we stay healthy and look forward to discover new cruising areas, we’ll keep cruising slowly, one small passage a the time :) If we decide to swallow the anchor, it does not mean we cannot still live afloat! Perhaps on a floating home or a bungalow over the water!   ABOUT SLOEPMOUCHE CREW ZOETJE, our first crew was born in California in 94’ and cruised 14 years with us.. A very intelligent dog who learned anything very quickly. He obeyed like a champ ... you only had to show him once the boundaries! He explored the Caribbean & the South Pacific. Worked as second captain on a live-aboard dive boat & scuba in a hard hat in 10ft deep in Bora Bora. A true adventurer, he flew to 1000ft in ULM Aerochute in Port Vila. Despite his chronic heart failure, he regained his vitality during his last 2 years when he was joined by Zenne. He passed away in 2008 in Port Vila and was buried at sea like a true sailor!   ZENNE was born late 2005 in Sydney, AUS. She joined Zoetje in Fiji in 2006 just in time to sail to Vanuatu She explored all of Vanuatu, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Indonesia. She was cute, obedient & less timid with age and experience. She was carpet trained in just a few hours on the boat, all by herself! She left us mysteriously in Indonesia off Ternate island ... we miss her a lot! ZWETKE joined Zenne in Vanuatu in time to cross to the North Pacific and explore it. They got along very well ! He was a real tumbler ... he fell from the boat or the dinghy so many times! He loved water so much that he dove after us when we swam behind the boat! By luck he learned quickly how to get up on the swim ladder and jump back on deck! He was a real character ... too sad he got so scared during some fireworks in Raja Ampat that he felt overboard while we were gone... never be seen again :( Our past permanent crew Our present permanent crew ZONNE & ZOTKE were born early 2015 in California and came back with Jackie to the Philippines. They adapted easily to life aboard and protect us when needed! They already brought us several adorable puppies that are now living with great families in the Philippines. Zotke is the swimmer and hunter and true water dog. He can swim for hours chasing small school of fish or crabs on the rocks. Zonne is the beach runner with her joy bursts. She is the perfect mother. They  already explored Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and are ready for more adventures!. Our past crew in training JIMMY JNERA (BABY) STACY ZONNE’s first litter gave us 3 lovely puppies to train. It was her first experience (and ours!) and she did fantastic! She really took care of her pupppies!  5 Schipperke on a boat was a a great experience and we really enjoyed seeing them grow into fantastic puppies. They all left us for new loving ^ caring  families in the Philippines ARIANE PICO BRAN After waiting a year to enjoy regular cruising life onboard, ZONNE gave us a second litter of 3 more lovely puppies to train. We were all pros by now and we fully enjoyed their training and awakening to loving life! They all also left us for new loving ^ caring  families in the Philippines LUCKY ZOE SUNNY GOLDIE ZOTKE & ZONNE surprised us with a 3rd litter sooner than planned! But what a great pleasure once again to train 4 adorable puppies this time! Having a spacious vessel is definitively a great advantage whith 6 dogs as crew! More obedience training and fun expeditions on beaches,and swimming  This time one puppy went to Thailand, a second one sailed towards the Phillipines & beyond .... Who knows where the last 2 will sail! 20