Sloepmouche 2018 Newsletter Coming later ... Perhaps you will find us somewhere in Malaysia .. Sloepmouche 2017 Newsletter Coming later ... Cruising the Visayas and Palawan in the Philippines ... Sloepmouche 2016 Newsletter Luc went twice to Indonesia to assist the BPO fleet as well as to La Reunion. In between, we finally explored some of the Philippines: Visayas, mainly Siquijor and Bohol Islands. Then we discovered the Canaries and Cape Verde while taking care of the Barbados 50 and Atlantic Odyssey fleets. Zonne and Zotke offered us 3 great puppies for Xmas! Sloepmouche 2015 Newsletter The year was marked by working with Jimmy Cornell on the Blue Planet Odyssey rally, assisting the yachts in French Polynesia, Vanuatu and Indonesia, Jackie also spent a few months in California visiting family & friends and brought back with her our 2 new canine crew ... Sloepmouche 2014 Newsletter 7 months more on the hard to finish our boat refit, A 5-week trip by air to Indonesia to explore and film Bali, Lombok, Sangihe, Bau Bau, Selayar, Takabonerate and Derawan. We participate to the 3rd rally from Philippines to Indonesia, revisiting North Halmaherra and Raja Ampat. In November we visit Helen’s Reef on our way to Palau. Sloepmouche 2013 Newsletter A year at the Holiday Oceanview Marina & Boatyard in samal ilsland, near Davao City in Mindanao, Southern Philippines. The best place we ever saw to do the major boat projects we wanted to do after 20 years of cruising on our trimaran... Great people and social life, clean marina, great wx and security ... Affordable rates ... bIg safe city nearby ... no wonder why we took our time to fix our vessel. Sloepmouche 2012 Newsletter Lots of sea miles this year. Leaving the Marshall Islands in January, we leisurly explored the 4 states of Micronesia. Lots of traditional culture and beautiful scenary above the water as well as below! The scuba diving got more and more interesting and reminded of our old days in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean! Our first cruise to Indonesia was a mix of great and sad events ... Sloepmouche 2011 Newsletter The Marshall Islands offer the unique combination of a super friendly and social cruiser’s community in Majuro (yacht races, cruisers dinners & workshops, ...) and interesting outer-atolls with WWII artifacts, nice snorkeling and friendly natives to meet and trade with. You probably won’t see any other cruisers there as the area is still undiscovered! If you are American you can stay here as long as you like and even work too! Sloepmouche 2010 Newsletter During our last season in Vanuatu, we completed a series of films covering touristic activities in the 6 provinces of Vanuatu for the Ministry of Tourism Development. Luc flies to the Torres islands and for another trip in Ambae, Maewo and Pentecost. More than 7 hours of final videos and a legacy! At the end of the year, the travel bug takes us again and we decide to head for the North Pacific. We explored Rotuma (Fiji) then some of Kiribati to arrive in the Marshall islands before Xmas. Sloepmouche 2009 Newsletter More discovering and filming in Vanuatu to promote tourism! This year, we decided to spend 4 months in New Caledonia to explore this country and also to haul out and do more boat projects! We promoted more Festivals, this time exploring the Banks islands. More great videos of the Snake Dancing & Water music to name a few! I even make the official video clips to present the Vanuatu delegation at the World Expo in Shanghai! Sloepmouche 2008 Newsletter We get to cruise all around Vanuatu and also promoted different Arts Festivals mostly in Malekula and Ambrym. Great opportunities for cruisers to discover the local customs in Vanuatu ... and so many great films to produce as interludes on the Top The Bill programs in airports, hotels and other public screens! Best is that so many Ni-Vanuatu get to discover their own cultural diversities!  Sloepmouche 2007 Newsletter We liked Vanuatu so much we decided stay here for a few years! First we sailed to Lifou (Loyalty island in New Caledonia) to apply to become residents ... Next, we started a video production & visual advertising business with Romuald, owner of the famous ‘Au Peche Mignon’ French pastry shop! Luc also started learning flying ULM. Top The Bill, our new company is doing very well: we play in 14 locations now and we are very busy producing video clips! Sloepmouche 2006 Newsletter After exploring the northern part of Fiji, we go to Lautoka on the western side and explore the beautiful Yasawas. We have Zenne, our new Schipperke crew joining us and she gives a new life to Zoetje, who was getting old and quiet! We then sailed to Vanuatu and decided to make first landfall in Tanna. What a difference with other islands, here you step into National Geographic settings: active volcano, natives dancing in nambas, ... So much to experience and film in video! We hauled out in Port Vila and get our 4-month visas extended to film the big Fest Napuan music festival! Sloepmouche 2005 Newsletter We had a great time exploring all anchorages in the Vava’u area, watching whales, scuba diving, ... But no way to haul out our wide multihull and lots of frustration trying to get our deck repainted. So we decided on an early departure for Fiji. We enjoyed the relaxed ambiance of Levuka and our time in busy Suva. We do plenty of boat work and Jackie even goes visit her family in California. We cruised Kadavu, another great area. Then sailed to Savusavu and that part of Fiji. We then sailed to Futuna (French territory) and got back to Savusavu and spent Xmas with Jim of ‘the Rag of the Air’. Sloepmouche 2004 Newsletter After surviving cyclone Heta, we explore both American and Western Samoa. We left Zoetje with some friends in Pago and we flew for a 6-week whirlwind discovery of New Zealand. In that short time, we experienced so much ... NZ is a great place for visiting tourists! Back on board, we could finally relax and continue our South Pacific tour by sailing to Tonga. After a great month in Niuatoputapu, we arrive in Vava’u where we stayed during the cyclone season ...  with a cruise in the Haapai group! Sloepmouche 2003 Newsletter After one more season as driver/tour guide, I worked a month as a driver/guide for a 4x4 tour company, this time driving in rivers and on rough roads. We made a 3rd cruise in the Tuamotus to see more atolls. We loved French Polynesia during the 4 years we visited but we were eager to continue discovering the world with more great cruising grounds. So, on our way to the Cook islands, we explored the Society islands again, this time visiting Maupiti & Mopelia.  After exploring Aitutaki, Rarotonga& Palmerston, we arrive in Pago Pago, American Samoa ... Sloepmouche 2002 Newsletter The year started with Luc working for a second 6-month contract as driver/tour guide in Tahiti. Jackie visited in California, Luc visited in Belgium. Later, leaving the boat in Tahiti with Zoetje, we flew for a great week of touring in Easter Island. In August, we returned in the Tuamotus to explore 2 more atolls, Tikehau & Rangiroa.  Back in Tahiti for cyclone season and Luc does his 3rd contract for Tahiti Nui Travel. Sloepmouche 2001 Newsletter During our second cyclone season, I get a job for Tahiti Nui Travel as driver/tour guide. I have my own bus and I mostly do Tahiti island tours with tourists from the big hotels. What I did not know about French Polynesia, I learned quickly! When cyclone season was over, we cruised the Society islands from Moorea to Huahine then Raiatea (where we hauled out) then Tahaa and Bora Bora, where we visited our Belgian friends Pascal, Christel and the girls ... Sloepmouche 2000 Newsletter We explored most of the Marquesas during these 7 months and even gave some PADI dive courses in Fatu-Hiva. After the rugged Marquesas, we then visited a series of beautiful Tuamotus atolls with crystal clear turquoise waters and we scuba in the passes. We also discover black pearls. After 1 year in French Polynesia, we finally make a full clearance in Papeete, Tahiti. We had a short visit in California, bringing back more ‘stuff’ for the boat! Sloepmouche 1999 Newsletter We finished cruising the San Blas and stayed 6 months in Panama before finally crossing the Canal ourselves Canal. We are now on the Pacific side! After a short cruise in the Las Perlas islands, we sail to the South Pacific. We could not resist a detour to scuba with the hammerhead sharks in the Cocos & a 3-week cruise in the Galapagos Islands. After a 3-week ocean passage we arrive in time to spend the cyclone season in the Marquesas ... We finish the Millennium with the memorable Festival of Arts of the Marquesas! Sloepmouche 1998 Newsletter More boat projects and Luc’s mother visited in Porlamar, Isla Margarita in Venezuela. We then had a major haul-out/refit in Cumana, followed by a fantastic land trip to Angel’s Falls and Gran Sabana.  We finally leave Venezuela to do some snorkeling & diving in the Tortuga, Roques and Aves islands. We discovered Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba. Our cruise took us onward to the San Blas islands of Panama, ... Sloepmouche 1997 Newsletter After retiring from the m/v Caribbean Explorer, we take a trip to Belgium, Luxembourg & Germany, to visit Luc’s family ... then a short trip to California followed by getting 1,200 Lbs of stuff for the boat shipped from Florida to St Maarten. We then cruise to Margarita island in Venezuela, followed by boat maintenance and a cruise in La Blanquilla ... Sloepmouche 1996 Newsletter After a short visit to California, we do some shopping for our new boat in Florida. After a refit/outfit of our new sailing vessel, Sloepmouche, we sailed from St Maarten to Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique (during cyclone Bertha), a break-in in St Lucia, snorkeling in the Grenadines, cyclone Caesar when in Carriacou, unspoiled Tobago, sailing at 11kts in Trinidad, then refit in Trinidad, Grenada. November see us for another season running the Caribbean Explorer ... Sloopmouche 1995 Newsletter Since the Caribbean Explorer was in Mississippi for extensive repairs, we had more time to cruise on Sloopmouche so we went from St Croix to the Windwards islands down to Montserrat and back to St Maarten. We flew to Pascagoula to deliver the Caribbean Explorer from Mississippi back to St Maarten and we ran the ship again. In August, we lost Sloopmouche in Saba during TC Felix. Just one month later, we weathered hurricane Luis in St Maarten, on the CEX.  At the end of the year, we finally find a new sailboat for us! “Sloepmouche” spelled the Brussel’s way! Sloopmouche 1994 Newsletter We managed the Caribbean Explorer for the second contract. We make funny scuba videos with passengers & crew. Back in Florida on break on Sloopmouche for a haul-out and a short visit to family in California. Then a third cruise, this time in another part of the Bahamas. followed by a sail down the islands chain towards St Maarten. Great cruise in the Turks & Caicos, Dominican republic, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Sloopmouche 1993 Newsletter Running for the first time the live-aboard dive boat m/v Caribbean Explorer out of St Maarten in the Caribbean. Great diving in Saba and St Kitts. After 6 months of hard work as captains/managers, we take our first break on Sloopmouche, from boat work in Florida to another cruise in the Bahamas. Then back to St Maarten for a second stint aboard the Caribbean Explorer! Sloopmouche 1992 Newsletter The beginning of our cruising adventures on our own boat, when we find a funny looking catamaran ( a Catfisher) in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Our relaxed and enjoyable shake down cruise from the BVI up to Florida via Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. Our refit in Fort Lauderdale and fun time with our friends at the Belgian Club of Southern Florida! Our blog - our annual update letters to our friends © 2006-2017