For over 30 years now, we have been exploring the world's warm seas and plan to continue to do so for a very long time! We won't explore all of the Seven Seas, as we are more and more allergic to cold wx and we like to watch Cape Horn and Antarctica on an Imax screen, with the cold only coming from the theater A/C system !! From a background of teaching and forestry, we left our home countries of Belgium and California in 1984 to discover the world! From teaching scuba diving for Club Med … , managing all sports activities on cruise ships ..., running a live-aboard dive boat as captains/managers ..., guiding tourists around as tour guides…,  to reporting as travel writers and filming around the South Pacific & SE Asia on our own sailing trimaran … we've been around! Believing that Man never owns the Land but that instead Land owns the Men on it, we keep traveling free of any landownership :) We enjoy discovering nature's beauty and people's cultures. We enjoy the independent style of living that cruising around brings (that's when we are not using bad language at equipment failures!) We like to meet people, islanders and cruisers … and above all, like to share information   Rarely did we regret to have made the first step to meet anyone ! Nice to still experience the pioneer spirit when we all try to help each other when we can! We always help our friends when we can and we are always glad to be helped too. But we believe in not abusing this assistance! We find it normal to pay another cruiser for his work as we do for a shore company doing the same specialized job. A little extra cash is always needed in the cruising kitty … we know how boats are huge holes on the ocean that we keep pouring money into! Where do we find the money needed to keep cruising ??? Either you slave away most of your life in the ‘corporate world’ (didn’t look appealing to us!), or you have a fortune that falls in your hands (we don’t play lottery, we don’t gamble and luckily for us were not born millionaires) … so we have to earn money somehow! We try first to not spend too much (less work!) and we find different ways to earn money as we travel. If you think writing pays well, let us tell you that you are lucky if it pays for cameras & computer equipment! We believe in sharing great products we have discovered for both cruisers and our landlubber friends. I installed email systems that rely on HF radio instead of phone lines (ideal for cruisers and remote communities). I sold great 12v LED lights use so little power, GPS mice, battery desulfaters ...  I always look for new products to help cruisers ... I also survey small yachts from time to time ... I offer competitive prices and a personalized service and it fills a little our cruising kitty along the way.  We also take some interesting projects like sailing rallies coordinators that take us a few months away from our boat .. it is nice, from time to time, to work ashore in various capacities that are in need (getting the work permits needed etc) Our hobbies other than the above are giving exclusive hands-on cruising seminars, gathering fruit, swimming under waterfalls, diving and fishing, cooking & eating, reading great books,  video production, taking care of our health, inform ourselves,  … Zoetje, a male Schipperke dog, born in California, was the ideal traveling companion from 94' till 2008, and Luc’s first dog. From working with us on the live-aboard to surviving 2 hurricanes, he was in almost all our adventures during his life (except Easter Island, NZ and Australia where we flew to). Zenne, a female Schipperke, born in Australia, joined us in Fiji in 2006. Her first 2 years, she gave a new life to Zoetje! She was then by herself for 2 years. Then she was the alpha dog for a while when young Zwetke (born in Australia) joined us in Vanuatu. She left us mysteriously in 2012 when she felt overboard at anchor ... just 2 months after Zwetke disappeared himself in Raja Ampat in bizarre circumstances too! After 3 years without Schipperke aboard, Jackie brought back 2 adorable puppies from California : Zotje (a male) and Zonne (a female) who gave us 3 adorables puppies as we cruise the Philippines,  Our plans for the future? Continuing to explore SE Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand ... About us So many great experiences in our lives ! © 2006-2017 Contact us Perhaps we’ll have the pleasure to meet someday in a paradisiac anchorage or we may only meet via email ... Capt Luc Callebaut & Capt Jackie Lee Yacht Sloepmouche Somewhere warm and where we feel welcome! SE Asia m: 0919 410-0537 (while in Philippines) e: sloepmouche ‘at’ (replace ‘at’ by @)